Dislyte Tier List

Dislyte Esper Tier List Guide: Choosing Your Champions


Welcome to the world of Dislyte, where powerful Espers play a crucial role in determining success in both PvP and PvE battles. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the Dislyte Tier List, helping you navigate through the myriad of characters and make informed decisions about which Espers to concentrate on for optimal performance.

dislyte tier list

SS Tier: The Apex Predators

At the pinnacle of the Dislyte Tier List are the SS-tier Espers, exceptional characters that can single-handedly dominate games in both PvP and PvE scenarios. Here’s a closer look at some of the standout SS-tier Espers:

  1. Gaius (Zeus): A formidable force capable of game-changing moves.
  2. Sally (Sif): A superb support Esper with exceptional healing and buff-removing abilities.
  3. Lin Xiao (White Tiger): A top-tier DPS with versatility and ease of gearing up.
  4. Gabrielle (Njord): Among the best support Espers with immunity-granting abilities.
  5. Unas (Shu): A God-tier Esper with incredible speed and versatility.
  6. Ahmed (Geb): A recent addition, excelling in shortening cooldowns and providing buffs.
  7. Lucas (Apollo): Offers AoE stun, enemy AP reduction, and self AP enhancement.
  8. Clara (Hera): A top-tier support with healing, debuff removal, and immunity-granting abilities.
  9. Ashley (Heimdall): Possesses powerful support capabilities.
  10. Ophelia (Thanatos): A force to be reckoned with in both PvP and PvE.

S Tier: Exceptional Choices

While not at the absolute top, S-tier Espers are exceptional choices that can guarantee success in most PvE stages and numerous PvP battles. Some notable S-tier Espers include:

  1. Nick (Magni): A solid choice with versatile capabilities.
  2. Zora (Amunet): A reliable option with commendable skills.
  3. Asenath (Nefertem): A respectable support with damage mitigation and AP growth.
  4. Sienna (Gaia): A strong support with a variety of benefits.
  5. Melanie (Medusa): Capable of significantly lowering an opponent’s attack power.
  6. Jin Yuyao (Queen Mother): A top-tier support with CC transfer abilities.
  7. Raven (Odin): Particularly effective in PvP battles.
  8. Hyde (Hades): A challenging-to-master DPS unit with immense power potential.
  9. Triki (Loki): Unmatched in Point War with potent debuffs.
  10. Catherine (Hela): Excellent for Point War with debuff removal and team AP increase.
  11. Narmer (Ra): A top-tier DPS unit, especially effective when based around.

A Tier: Reliable Performers

Espers in the A-tier are reliable troops that can perform admirably in various situations. Some noteworthy A-tier Espers include:

  1. Zhong Nan (Zhong Kui): Offers damage mitigation and AP growth.
  2. Li Guang (Vermillion Bird): A strong Esper for multiple game modes.
  3. Lewis (Ares): One of the best DPS units with quick skill cycling.
  4. Elliot (Thoth): Capable DPS Esper for mid-game progression.
  5. Mona (Artemis): A starting Esper with respectable damage output.
  6. Drew (Anubis): Capable DPS Esper, especially with upgrades.
  7. Long Mian (Ao Bing): Top-tier for Point War with added SPD and CC.
  8. Nicole (Nephthys): Strong Esper with revive, DEF buffs, and invincibility.
  9. Unky Chai (Yue Lao): Capable PvE support with offensive stat boosts.
  10. Tiye (Nut): Excellent for AP control, distributing enemy AP to allies.

B Tier: Middle-Tier Choices

Espers in the B-tier are middle-of-the-road choices, adequate in some situations but may require significant investment. Some B-tier Espers include:

  1. Xiao Yin (Azure Dragon): A middle-tier choice with specific strengths.
  2. Aurelius (Ullr): Offers solid performance with the right circumstances.
  3. Djoser (Atum): Capable of doing substantial damage in the right situations.
  4. Taylor (Hercules): A reliable choice with potential for decent damage.
  5. Dhalia (Calypso): Middle-tier, with certain strengths in specific scenarios.
  6. Xie Chuyi (Death Guard Hei): Offers a balance of utility and damage.
  7. Anesidora (Pandora): A middle-tier choice with unique abilities.
  8. Lynn (Hathor): Capable of performing well in some situations.

C Tier: Adequate but Limited

Espers in the C-tier are respectable choices that may perform adequately in early stages but might not be reliable in the late game. Some C-tier Espers include:

  1. Jacob (Jormungand): Adequate in early stages but not recommended for late game.
  2. Chalmers (Idun): Limited effectiveness in late-game scenarios.

D Tier: Exercise Caution

The D-tier Espers are the weakest units in the Dislyte Tier List, recommended to be avoided for significant investment. Only consider them as a last resort to fill a spot on the team. Some D-tier Espers include:

  1. Luo Yan (Yanluo Wang): Limited viability even in early stages.
  2. David (Jason): Offers little of value in the late game.


In Dislyte, the choice of Espers is crucial for success in various game modes. Use this tier list as a guide to make informed decisions based on the strengths and weaknesses of each Esper. Consider your team composition, playstyle, and the specific requirements of different game modes to build a powerful and well-balanced squad. May your journey in Dislyte be filled with victories and strategic triumphs!


Dislyte Tier List FAQs:

What is Dislyte?

Dislyte is a platform that allows users to create and share tier lists. It’s commonly used to rank and organize various items, characters, or topics.

How do I create a tier list on Dislyte?

Sign in to Dislyte, click “Create,” select a template or start from scratch, and then drag and drop items into different tiers. Save and share your tier list.

How can I find existing tier lists on Dislyte?

Use the search function on Dislyte’s website or app to find specific tier lists. You can also browse popular or trending lists.

What are tiers in a Dislyte tier list?

Tiers represent different levels of ranking. Items in the top tier are considered the best, while those in lower tiers are ranked lower. The number of tiers can vary.

Can I customize the tiers in a Dislyte tier list?

Yes, you can customize the names and colors of tiers when creating a tier list on Dislyte.

How do I share my Dislyte tier list with others?

After creating your tier list, use the provided share link or download the image to share it on social media or other platforms.

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