Potentially life-bearing planet discovered


US scientists have discovered a planet that is not only potentially habitable, but may already have life on it.

This research paper by American astronomers was published in Nature Astronomy General, in which astronomers wrote about their discovery.

Experts say that this planet outside our solar system is 12 light-years away from Earth and can also send coherent radio signals.

Scientists have discovered that a magnetic field is likely to exist here and this is an indication that life may exist or flourish here, as the magnetic field blocks radiation and makes life possible.

Experts say that the magnetic field on the planet is the first sign that it may be habitable. This field also exists on Earth and other planets in our solar system.

The planet has been named YZ Ceti and is continuously emitting radio signals, which experts say is a clear indication of someone\’s presence there.

American experts also say that further research on this planet will also help them understand how the magnetic field works on other planets, as well as find habitable planets in the universe.


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