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On April 7, 2011, a resolution was passed in the United Nations General Assembly, according to which the world celebrates \”Human Space Flight Day\” on April 12 every year. It aims to highlight the first manned space flight from Earth and its significance to the world.

On the occasion of this day, today we are telling you about the scientist who made the movement of man easy in the vastness of the sky and told him the way to conquer it. I took the first step. Scientist Robert H. Goddard is honored on this day and the world remembers his achievements.

After the first space travel, the space race started in America and Russia and this race also accelerated the development of space science. In 1969, American astronaut Neil Armstrong became the first man to land on the Moon. Today, the world\’s rich and powerful are trying to outdo each other in building space rockets and spacecraft, and the race to colonize the planets is on. So far, more or less 44 countries have sent their space missions. America\’s famous space agency is NASA, where Russia has started efforts to enter space through Roscosmos, while China has started efforts to step into space through CNSA, while one of the 22 European countries The combined organization is called the European Space Agency.

Even today, manned space flight is not only extremely difficult but also requires a large amount of money. Getting humans safely into space and surviving there for long periods of time will require a number of special measures, including advanced technology to meet nutritional needs and deal with accidents or disease.

Why was this date chosen?
On April 12, man first started his journey towards the moon. Earlier, the idea of ​​going into space was introduced by scientist Goddard in 1899 and also said that a rocket would be needed to go into space. He also told how this machine would be and how it would be made. The first working form of his dream was seen after 60 years and accordingly 12 April is celebrated as World Human Space Flight Day.

A Look at the Life and Scientific Achievements of Robert H. Goddard
This genius and great inventor of the 20th century AD is today known to the world as the \”Father of Modern Rocketry\”. Today, when the world is thinking of tightening its grip on other planets of the solar system after Mars, the credit goes to him only. This also belongs to the same scientist. It was Goddard who came up with the concept of a rocket that could reach the Moon. He also did many useful experiments with this concept and his invention, but at that time majority almost a mere and futile effort, while any such work can be called passion and madness of a person, but people are not able to give importance to it. were not prepared for. The same happened with Godrad and he was ridiculed. But this scientist did not give up his efforts and continued work on the design of modern rockets.

Seeing his interest in astronomy, his father bought him a telescope. He would often take his son to remote places where he would observe the moon and stars late at night with the help of his telescope and write down the questions that came to his mind and draw conclusions from the results of the observation. He wrote in his diary one day that \”Today for the first time I realized that I was different from other people, that I was born to do something extraordinary.\” He remained dedicated to building a rocket that would enable humans to travel into space easily and safely.

After graduating from Massachusetts, Goddard earned a PhD in physics from Clark University and began teaching there. It was in 1914 when this inventor came up with the concept of a multi-stage rocket which had many parts and was then launched in 1916.

Goddard was born in 1882 and died on August 10, 1945 in Maryland, USA. Posthumously, the importance and usefulness of his work was recognized, and the United States bestowed several honors on the inventor.



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